Cast AlNICo Magnets

Cast AlNICo Magnets

Material: Cast AlNiCo Magnet

Type: High Temperature Rare Earth Magnet up to 550ºC

Grade: LN10 LNG12 LNG13 LNG18 LNG37 LNG40(alnico 5) LNG44(alnico 5) LNG52 LNG56 LNG60 LNGT18 LNGT30 LNGT32 LNGT38 LNGT44 LNGT48 LNGT60 LNGT72 LNGT88 LNGT36J LNGT52J

Size: Block, Disc, Ring, Special Shapes etc.

Magnetization Direction: Through Thickness, Through Diameter etc.

Magnetized or Unmagnetized?

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Cast AlNiCo Magnets - High Temperature Magnets - AlNiCo 5 Magnets & Other Grades

We custom cast alnico magnets in different sizes & shapes, working temperature up to 550ºC , are high temperature rare earth magnets, are mainly used in automobile parts, instruments, motors, teaching, aerospace etc.

Magnetic Properties Sheet of Cast AlNiCo Magnets

Grade Sheet of Cast AlNiCo Magnet

Grades of Cast AlNiCo

AlNiCo 5 & AlNiCo 8 magnets are the most popular. If anyone demand alnico magnets, welcome to contact China Rare Earth Magnet LimitedNote: The magnetic properties above are for reference only, but not as inspection base.