Color Rubber Magnetic Coil

Color Rubber Magnetic Coil

Product: Rubber Magnetic Coil

Material: Rubber Magnets, Flexible Magnets

Shape: Coil


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Color Rubber Magnetic Coil

Plastic magnetic coil is made by blending and continuous rolling of magnetic powder and rubber materials.

Rubber magnetic sheet can be cut into different sizes precisely with CNC. The width is up to 750mm, thickness is around 0.3-1.5mm, and length is not limited.

Rubber magnets are available with UV coating, adhesive or PVC film, which can widely used in stationery, advertising, gifts and signs.

They can be coated with varnish and double-sided adhesive, the surface can be attached to white or colored PVC film; the usual magnetization direction is multi-pole magnetization on one side.

The minimum slitting width is 50mm and the maximum length of 100m, the rubber magnetic coil can be supplied based on customer requirements.

They are soft and flexible material, the user can easily cut them into the needed shape, can also require printing and cutting.