HAST NdFeB Magnets

HAST NdFeB Magnets

Material: HAST NdFeB Magnet

Grade: L-30SHT, L-33SHT, L-35SHT, L-38SHT, L-40SHT, L-42SHT, L-45SHT, L-30UHT, L-33UHT, L-35UHT, L-38UHT, L-40UHT, L-28EHT, L-30EHT, L-33EHT, L-35EHT,L-38EHT

Shapes & Sizes: Block, Arc etc.

Surface Finish: Phosphating, NiCuNi, Passivated etc.

Magnetized or Unmagnetized?

Magnetization Direction: Through Thickness, Diameter etc.

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China Rare Earth Magnet Limited manufactures HAST NdFeB magnets which have high resistance to corrosion.

Customers usually have special requirements on weight loss. There are 2 standards of weight loss for HAST NdFeB.

USA Standard:

PCT (121℃±1℃), 2 atm, 95% RH, after 96 hours, weight loss < 5-10mg/cm2

Europe Standard:

HAST (130±2), 3 atm, 95% RH, after 168 hours, weight loss < 2-5mg/cm2