Magnetic Anti-theft Tags

Magnetic Anti-theft Tags

Product: Rubber Magnetic Anti-theft Tags

Material: Rubber Magnets, Flexible Magnets

Shape: Rectangle


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Rubber Magnetic Anti-theft Tags

◇ apply to anti-theft in libraries, bookstores , video stores and all kinds of printed materials and audio-visual products , anti-theft magnetic strip mounted in the slot of books, it is hidden , easy handle and low cost.

◇ apply to drugs supermarket, put a 6CM-8CM magnetic stripe into medicine box, the lost of drugs can be effectively controlled , it is also a protective effect for aluminum foil and tin foil -packaged drugs .

◇ applied to clothing stores, to install hard sign on the clothing or put a magnetic stripe on the external packaging, the problem of lost clothes can be solved.

◇ for department stores, cosmetics, supermarkets and food stores , to put a magnetic strip inside commodity or posted a magnetic strip on the packaging of goods , it can achieve the purpose of security;

For the liquid product, plastic mounted magnetic strip can be used in the liquid, it is hidden better. Mobile phone, MP3, mobile hard drives and laptops, etc. can be effectively protected in the similar way