Magnetic Balls

Magnetic Balls

Material: Sintered Neodymium Magnet

Shape: Balls

Size: D5mm, D6mm etc.

Grade: N35 etc.

Coating: NiCuNi, Ag, Au etc.

Magnetization: Magnetized

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Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Customers usually order neodymium magnetic balls in sets, 1 set consists of 216pcs, which is also called buckyball or magnetic ball cube, is three-dimensional magic power.

You can make magnetic balls cube in countless shapes. When you finished one shape and intend to create more interesting shapes, what you should do is just to restore the shapes into balls.


The conventional platings of neodymium magnets include silver, gold, NiCuNi and others with rich colors; And we can also plate magnetic balls as per customers' requirements.


With good glossiness, not easy to fade etc.


Neodymium magnetic balls can be used as magnetic jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings etc, which can reduce pressure and health care; besides, it can be also applied as educational tool, combining with textbook to learn, thus, geometrical knowledge can be easliy understood both theoretically and practically.


1 Although the magic magnetic ball is fun, it has stong magnetic power. So we must keep neodymium magnets away from magnetic power sensitive objects and equipments, such as, mechanical watches, credit cards and other magnetic card as well as electrical equipments like, vacuum tube TV screens and CRT computer monitors.

2. It is forbidden to take the magnetic magic balls without any magnetic shielding on the plane!