NdFeB Magnetic Dumbbell

According to foreign media reports, to get rid of large and heavy fitness equipments, three college students in South Korea designed a special wearable magnetic dumbbell, it is very light, people can use it to do strength training anytime and anywhere.

NdFeB Magnetic Dumbbell - News from China Rare Earth Magnet Limited

Magnetic Dumbbell

Magnetic dumbbell uses the principle of homo-polar repulsion & hetero-polar attraction. It consists of two parts, respectively be worn on the arm and forearm. It embedded NdFeB magnets, can provide different levels of pushing force and pulling force. Magnetic dumbbell designed 8 units, each unit is 3 kg. People can select different training intensity from 3 kg - 24 kg.

Magnetic dumbbell can not only be played in gym, can even be played in commuting and transit time for exercise.