Magnetic Strip with 3M Adhesive

Magnetic Strip with 3M Adhesive

Product: 3M Magnetic Strip

Material: Flexible Magnets, Rubber Magnets

Shape: Strip


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Flexible magnets, can be divided into isotropic or anisotropic magnets. It is compound of ferrite magnetic powders, CPE and other trace elements by extrusion forming or pressing spread molding, it has strong plasticity. Without more mechanical processing, can achieve the required shape and size precision, can make it according to customers' requirements such as adhesive PVC, 3M double-sided adhesive, and polishing oil etc. The magnetization direction is usually through thickness or multi-poles on one side only.

Our flexible magnetic strip are widely used in refrigerator door seals, windows door seals etc. Some customers requested 9x2.5mm magnetic strips with various length.