Pot Magnets, Magnetic Hooks

Pot Magnets, Magnetic Hooks

Product: Pot Magnetic Assembly, Magnetic Hooks

Material: NdFeB Magnet / Ferrite Magnet + Metal Part

Magnet Shape: Round

Magnetization Direction: Through Thickness

Coating: NiCuNi, Zn etc.

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Brief Introduction of Strong Pot Magnets, NdFeB Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hook (magnetic holder) is kind of magnetic assembly composed of sintered NdFeB magnet or ferrite magnet.

Magnetic hook and cup magnets are composed of metal parts and a variety of magnetic components. The body of magnetic hook is a metal hook, the hook embedded in the center of the lower part of the housing. There is an iron part and a permanent magnet inside the housing, and fixed by the housing.

This hook is simple in structure with big loading capacity, easy to install and use, has important practical value.


1. Small size and powerful;

2, Powerful magnetic force is concentrated in one side only, almost no magnetic in the other three sides, the magnet is not easily crumbled;

3, The magnetic force is five times equivalent to the same volume magnet;

4, It can suck on or move on metal surfaces freely;

5, Permanent magnetism and long service life.


They are widely used in industrial and living areas, such as workshops, factories, warehouses, offices and so on.


Adsorption force is a vertical force in the vertical direction, the vertical force in horizontal direction will be much smaller.

It is also related with the roughness of the adsorption interface.

According to customer demands, various types of adsorption force, magnetic materials and different styles of magnetic hooks can be produced.