SmCo Arc Magnets

SmCo Arc Magnets

Material: Sintered SmCo Magnet

Application: Motor Magnets

Size: Outer Diameter * Inner Diameter * Thickness * Angle

Magnetization Direction: Through Diameter, Through Thickness, Through Width

Grade: SmCo18, SmCo20, SmCo22, SmCo24, SmCo26L, SmCo26, SmCo26M, SmCo28, SmCo28H, SmCo30H, YXG18-YXG30, SmCo5, Sm2Co17

Magnetized or Unmagnetized?

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SmCo Arc Magnets - Motor Magnets

China Rare Earth Magnet Limited always customs smco arc magnets according to customers' requirements or drawings, the width scope is 3-200mm, thickness scope is 1-80mm, length is 2-200mm.

For large arc smco magnets, any size should not be too thin, otherwise, it is easy to be broken when assembling.

Our smco arc magnets are widely used in high-end permanent magnet motors, wind turbine, sensors, magnetic treatments, magnetic transmission devices etc.

Magnetic Properties of SmCo Magnet

Grade Sheet of SmCo5 & Sm2Co17 Magnets