SmCo Disc Magnets

SmCo Disc Magnets

Material: Sintered SmCo Magnet

Size: Diameter*Thickness

Magnetization Direction: Through Thickness, Through Diameter

Grade: SmCo18, SmCo20, SmCo22, SmCo24, SmCo26L, SmCo26, SmCo26M, SmCo28, SmCo28H, SmCo30H, YXG18-YXG30, SmCo5, Sm2Co17

Magnetized or Unmagnetized?

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SmCo Disc Magnets - High Temprature Magnets

SmCo magnets are the most expensive magnets, its magnetic force is weeker than sintered NdFeB magnet, it is brittle, people should be careful when touch it. For smco disc magnets, if diameter is large, thickness should not be too thin, becausesmco magnets are brittle, it is easy to be broken when assembling.
Some customers requested big smco magnets in disc shape such as D160x60mm, D60x150mm etc., some customers requested small smco magnets in disc shape such as D1x0.5mm etc.

Magnetic Properties of SmCo Magnet

Grade Sheet of SmCo Disc Magnets