Rare Earth Magnets

Type: Rare Earth Magnet

Material: NdFeB Magnet / SmCo Magnet / AlNiCo Magnet

Shapes & Sizes: Block Magnets, Ring Magnets, Disc Magnets, Arc Magnets, Some Complex Shaped Magnets

Grade or Magnetic Properties / Magnetization Direction / Coating: According to Clients' Requirements

The first rare earth magnet materials SmCo5 magnets originated in 60's, the 2nd rare earth magnets Sm2Co17 are actually created in 70's, the 3rd Nd2Fe14B had been effectively created in 1980's. Right now, we are able to produce NdFeB magnets with BH value up to 52 MGOe.

Cast AlNICo Magnets
Sintered AlNICo Magnets
HAST NdFeB Magnets
Bonded NdFeB Magnets
Sintered Ndfeb Magnets - The Strongest Rare Earth Magnets