SmCo Magnets

China Rare Earth Magnet Limited manufactures SmCo5 and Sm2Co17 magnets with high working temperature up to 250-350 degrees centigrade.

Shapes & Sizes: Block, Disc, Ring, Arc etc.

Grades: SmCo18, SmCo20, SmCo22, SmCo24, SmCo26L, SmCo26, SmCo26M, SmCo28, SmCo28H, SmCo30H, YXG18-YXG30, SmCo5, Sm2Co17

1. Good Coercivity
2. Good Temperature Stability
3. Expensive (Comparing with NdFeB magnet, alnico magnets, ferrite magnets)
1. It is brittle, fragile, machining can not use the traditional processing techniques, must use high content of diamond grinding wheel, at the same time, cool it with water or oil.
2. SmCo magnets are manufactured by sintering process. Its internal may have cracks. Magnets do not have mechanical integrity, only have the function of the preparation of magnetic field.

SmCo Arc Magnets
SmCo Block Magnets
SmCo Ring Magnets
SmCo Disc Magnets