Speaker Magnets

Brief Introduction                                                   

The magnets used in speakers are called speaker magnets.

Speaker power is dominated by the power consumption of coin. Speaker magnets use the same specifications and same magnetic material, but different in amounts of magnetization, the speaker power, sensitivity and transient expression are also different. It is not simply think that the larger the diameter the better the speaker magnet.

The variational electrical current enter into speaker, the magnet becomes a electromagnet. With the changing of the current direction, the electromagnet is also kept moving back and forth because of the force movement of energized conductor in a magnetic field, which is also drive the cone vibrating. The sound of speaker is produced.


China Rare Earth Magnet Limited has ferrite speaker magnets, NdFeB speaker magnets for sale, which are usually ring magnets, or disc magnets like φ6 * 1mm, φ6 * 1.5mm, φ6 * 5mm, φ6.5 * 1.5mm, φ6.5 * φ2 * 1.5mm, φ12 * 1.5mm, φ12.5 * 1.2mm. The coating is usually galvanized, but according to environmental protection and many different requirements, the magnets can be coated in environmentally friendly zinc plating. The speaker magnets are widely used in louder speakers, receivers, microphones, alarm, stage audio, car audio and so on.

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